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Items 1 to 40 of 361 total

Accessories complete the look. The perfect attire with a perfect hair-do will still look plain and ordinary without the right choice of accessories. At Nallu Collection the accessories are taken very seriously, featuring style and creativity.


Necklace as a fashion accessory never went out of trend. With the right necklace, you can take your attire to another level. Pair a heavy necklace with a rather plain saree or salwar suit to, actually, see the magic a great neckpiece can do to your looks. The act of pairing up the right necklace for the neckline you choose to wear is pure art. It requires knowledge and patience.


Earrings are one of the most suited companions for Indian attire. The choice of earring should not only match your attire, but should also match the shape of your face. Many of the women neglect the face shape while selecting the right ear accessory.


Handbags are an unavoidable factor when it comes to fashion accessories. An Indian party wear saree matched with the perfect handbag is sure to attract eyes. Handbags are not just to carry your emergencies, but it shows your taste in fashion, and is a symbol of elegance. Thus, the choice of handbag needs special attention. Make sure you do not mix your office going bag with your party wear, or vice versa. Keep in mind; bags add character to your personality.



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