10 irresistible designs for 10 Beautiful Days of Onam

10 irresistible designs for 10 Beautiful Days of Onam

Onam is one of the biggest festivals of Kerala, and for Malayalis all around the world. It is signified by ten days of festivities and carnivals in Kerala. The festival signifies and celebrates the homecoming of their king, “Mahabali”. Traditionally, the homecoming is combined with the rice harvest and rain flower blooming of the state giving it an all new significance. It is believed that the King Mahabali would return during Onam to see his people happy and celebrating because of his profound love for the kingdom.

Hence, with a festival so important and significant for the people, the dressing and attires have to be amazing too. All major brands especially NalluCollection.com offer a completely new range of Onam collection during the season, reflecting the rich cultural tradition of Kerala. But, deciding on what to wear can be a tricky job thus, we are here to help you with just that!!!

Here is a catalog of ten different attires that you would love to show-off on this carnival of festivities with an oomph yet traditional facet.

Day 1: Atham

Attam day dressing of Kerala

The first day of the festivities begin with a traditional procession in ceremonial robes to mark the homecoming of his army. Elephant rides, folk art showcasing with music and dancing are just some of the highlights of the day and hence should be revealed in the clothing two. Thus for the first day, we recommend you the ceremonial robes or bright yellow lehenga for the significance of the day and color yellow in it.

Day 2: Chithira

Chithira day dressing in Kerala

The next day of celebrations is marked by the significance of two colors of Orange and cream yellow that should be reflected on the garments as well. Therefore, for the second day proposal we have the orange and cream yellow saree with a tinge of red to honor the tradition of Kerala.

Day 3: Chodi

Chodi day of onam dressing style in kerala

With the festive fever catching up, this day signifies the blooming of almost 5 varieties of flowers and shopping for friends and relatives. Bringing out the palette for the day, it was be best to wear comfortable yet traditional clothes for the day to concentrate on shopping, what women love best!!!

Day 4: Vishakam

Vishakham day of Onam in Kerala dressing style

One of the most auspicious and busiest days of onam, it signifies the harvest and competitions for the locals. So be at ease since it is going to be a long day ahead with some beautiful lehenga and saree.

Day 5: Anizham

Anizham day of Onam in Kerala dressing style

The dress rehearsal is here finally! Bring out your party clothes for some Vallam Kali (Snake Boat festival) and Aranmula boat race rehearsal.

Day 6: Thriketa

Thriketa day of Onam in Kerala dressing style

Another bunch of 5-6 flowers blossom on this day marking the beginning of holiday season as most people pack up to leave for their hometowns to join the festivities. Homecoming of children and family members has to be special with bright silk sarees to echo the music of joy.

Day 7: Moolam

Moolam day of Onam in Kerala dressing style

Fireworks and rangolis are the best part of the day. With all things bright and beautiful, so should be the clothes. Pull out your traditional lehenga and mang tikas to celebrate the day.

Day 8: Pooradam

Pooradam day of Onam in Kerala dressing style

Cotton saris are the most beautiful attire for puja that is the significant event of the day. The idols of Mahabali and Vamana are taken to the water banks for a cleansing ritual.

Day 9: Uthradom

Uthradam day of Onam in Kerala dressing styleThe Uthradom is known as the first Onam as it is considered as the day King Mahabali first set foot in Kerala. Hence, the attire is completely traditional with red or golden border silk sarees and lehenga with some traditional gold jewelry to celebrate the arrival.

Day 10: Thiruvonam

Thiruvonam day of Onam in Kerala dressing style

The last day of rituals, also popularly known as second Onam, is the final day when the beloved king would return to the underworld, happy after seeing his kingdom rejoicing. Therefore, most people dress up in their best traditional clothes and jewelry to send him with a happy and contended heart.

  • Posted on August 12, 2015