Beat The Heat In Style

Beat The Heat In Style

This year the scorching summers are draining out all the energy from us, quite literally. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. are everyday breaking its own record by reaching a new high (well, not literally). However, don’t let your mood get dampen by this humid and horrid climate, outside. Don’t stay indoors all the day, missing out all the fun parties and beach get-togethers.

With a little precaution, you can enjoy this season without being much bothered about the heat. Here’s how you can make the most of a sunlit day.

Spell out summers and all we can think of is light and airy clothes; something that’s skin-friendly, easy-to-wear and breezy too.


  1. Right apparels: This season, pick up something cheerful and colourful in cotton, viscose or linen fabrics, as these are known to be skin friendly. Avoid blacks or any other dark colours, as they absorb heat. Flowing and loose fitting clothes get the thumbs up this season. Also do not wear synthetic, as it will make you sweat a lot.


  1. Your own summer trends: Ditch your denims and take out the palazzo pants. Shorts with tees or kurtas looks very playful. Stripped dresses, or ones with different patterns and prints, makes you look and feel comfortable. Avoid blazers, if you really can (even for client meetings). Sleeveless is something you may want to wear a lot this season.


  1. Color of the season: Shades of pink, pastels, greens and soothing blues are much appreciated. Even a beige can give you a smart look. You may also go for subtle earthy tones or pristine white without or without prints.


  1. Layer it up: Yes, you read it right! Certainly you wouldn’t want to do it during summers, but if you manage to get the right piece of cloth you can style yourself with layers even during summers. If you are wearing sleeveless, wear a cropped jacket, it will add to your style quotient. Be bold and confident enough to carry off a jumpsuit, of course, of some breathable fabrics. 
  1. Sun protection: Certainly a sin to ignore! Do not leave your house with applying sunscreen. Check for the proper SPF, that’s suitable for your skin. Apply it on every part of you that’s visible (exposed) to sun. Also you may tag along a light weight dupatta something that covers your face and adds to your summery elegant look. 
  1. For your eyes only: Needless to say, sunglasses are a must while you are outdoors during the day. Select the one bigger frame (also, something that suits your face), for better protection.


  1. Foot care: Yes, we often tend to ignore this part of the body, but it is equally important to maintain feet hygiene. Opt for open toe sandals, instead of shoes, or closed- toe sandals. This will keep your feet from sweating.


Don’t allow the heat to bog you down, instead let your style quotient sizzle this summer. So, go ahead and have a stylish summer!

  • Posted on June 5, 2015