Beauty disasters girls usually make

Beauty disasters girls usually make

A girl who is very beautiful on the outside but on the inside is a tangled mess. This make a beautiful disaster, the words that describe someone you love and think is so perfect but so wrong.

bby Abernathy is a good girl. She believes that she has enough distance from the darkness of her past. But when she is in college with her best friend

In the world of beauty eyebrows are one of the hardest things to achieve, it is necessary to know about grooming brows. In all instances, hair follicles are being removed from the root, while it is a strong preference toward tweezing in terms of creating in the best shape.

This will not result in different hair re-growth than waxing or threading.

Never remove hair from above the eye brow one must never tweeze the hair above the eye brow, only beneath. Most of the shaping should come from underneath to lift the brow up.

Eyeliner is the necessary cosmetics and can give you a dramatic of the eye liner as well as the placement on the top lid bottom lid.

Eyeliner makes a huge difference which can take a basic eye makeup application to a fully-realized look that accentuates on cashes and the shape of your eye. It should be elegant and it all depends on how one applies it. Before applying eyeliner one should choose colors carefully

Lip liner is much needed for any lip color, choose a lip liner, which works best for the look trying to achieve.
One can apply lipstick straight from the tube but it is always smart to use a lip brush.
Buy a good quality lip liner.

Apply lip gloss. It is always good to use because it can make lips fuller to look and gives shine to the lips.
To test shades apply lipstick or two deeper than bare lip.
Thin lips stay away from dark shades.
If lips are on the thinner side, stick to light to medium shades of lip color.
Many women wrongly believe they cannot wear red lipstick is timeless and bridges age and culture.
Use a lip brush when applying strong colors for this a mirror is needed and expert application.
Women with fair skin look great in lip stick shades.
If the skin is sensitive avoid perfumed foundations, as they can make the skin real and uncomfortable.
If the skin is natural no need to have a lot of moisturizer is the way apply to face
Choose a suitable foundation for the skin type. Use a water based foundation.
It is best to use a brush but of you must use your fingers make sure they are clean.
Use sponge and must change it regularly. And use a good foundation.
Foundation must be completely dry on face first one should familiar about the need of foundation
Wash the entire face first, scrubbing it hard possibly with exfoliate.
Use hands to hands to blend it gently across face and neck

  • Posted on August 16, 2014