Beauty Tips for Sleepy Faces

Beauty Tips for Sleepy Faces

Beauty sleep is real, it’s free, and it can start you to night.

Lack of sleep causes blood vessels to dilate causing the look of dark circles. Not enough sleep can also make you more stressed.

Tired of your foundation looking cakey and unnatural? To get fresh-faced, flawless skin, cover girl, put foundation all over your face, and then uses a tissue to wipe it off your cheeks

This makes it easier to layer your blush on without it looking fake. It brings life back to your cheeks and realness back to your skin.

Dark circles can make you look tired. To get a good-awake look prepare the under eye area with a hydrating fast absorbing eye cream which makes products to go on smoothly.

A bold brow is an easy way to create an attention grabbing make up look. Comb your brows with a spoolies brush or clean mascara want to see how they lay naturally. Using a soft slightly waxy brow pencil, shape the brow by using the thinner side of the tip.

Hair can actually be trained to get dirty less often from a tired momma who’s always looking for ways to extend the life of wish doesn’t the dry shampoo show up white on dark brown hair? How do you get rid of the powdery look?

Lipstick gives awesome look on women face which attracts the men .lips are one of the beautiful part of women which gives fresh look.

The ‘Lipstick’ method requires a dark shade of ‘Lip stick’, a foam rubber pad and a white sheet of paper. The lipstick was applied on the entire palm of the subject including the wrist creases, and digits.

This ‘Lip stick’ method is easy, subject friendly, user friendly and as efficient for analysis as the Conventional method of printer’s ink, and very cheap compared to the other hi tech methods. We recommend that this method should be used preferably for dermatoglyphic studies.

Believe it or not one of the best ways to get a new lipstick is by making it using crayons. It is an easy way to recycle old crayons .while many named brand lipstick contains wide array of chemicals ,lipsticks made by crayons are 100% safe and non-toxic, making your own lipstick can be lots of fun and shades which produce are 100% customized to the liking.

To even out natural lip color

If one of the lips varies from the other lip, cover both lips with face foundation using sponge. Lightly powder to set lips. Line lips with lip pencil. Follow natural lip line, lightly applying a highlighter pencil this should be applied very lightly.

Shapeless lips or to shape lips.

To redefine lips cover lip line with a face foundation color. Powder lightly to set. Starting on upper lip, using a lip pencil, draw a “V” in bow area. Extend line from each peak to corner of mouth. Make sure you have slightly rounded the peaks, so you’re "V" is not pointed.

Apply lip color. Concentrate darker color in center of mouth lighter in corner. For a pretty pout, use a darker lip color in center of mouth lighter in the corners .apply powdered lip color for a shimmery effect.

  • Posted on November 6, 2014