Beauty Your Wrist with Bracelets, Bangles, and Cuffs

Beauty Your Wrist with Bracelets, Bangles, and Cuffs

Wrist accessories, especially bangles, are an integral part of Indian culture but, most of us forget to accessorize our beautiful wrists with equal deliberation. The best part about wrist accessories are that they go well with all types of dressing and give the right look of elegance to the attire. Be it from the brides with a chuda of many bangles to the cuffs worn by models to beautify their cocktail dresses, they are just unbeatable.

But when it comes to wrist wear, most women avoid wearing things with variations such as cuffs or bracelets because they are not confident about the types of dresses that would look good with these accessories. Well, don’t you worry; we are here to give you a brief description about the three unique type’s wrist jewelry and the various dresses that would go well along with them. The three beautiful jewels are…


A bracelet is a loop of chain or strap made worn on the wrist to accessorize it. It is a decorative ornament that looks extremely graceful and looks good on all kinds of dresses. In fact, it goes well with all kinds of formal or casual dressing and carried with great poise and elegance without the fear of going wrong. The bracelets have been reported to the oldest part of worlds ornamental history and earliest have been worn in 500 BC in Iran. The most famous types of bracelets that are worn by contemporary women in today’s world are….

  • Charm bracelets

charm bracelets

This particular ornament is a personalized bracelet that has beautiful and unique charms attached to it in the form of decorative charms or trinkets to signify certain important episodes or likings of the life, especially of the wearer. They are in fact one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn with regular wears.

  • Plain simple chain bracelets

simple bracelets

These simple loop and chain bracelets allows the wearer to carry this graceful ornament in the most elegant, simple and graceful way. It goes well with dresses, sarees, suits and anarkalis. They are also very popular among men as a fashion accessory.

  • Diamond or stone bracelets

diamond bracelet

Diamonds are every girl’s best friend and so are diamond bracelets! Wear them all the time and they will definitely bag a handful of admirers.



The next on the list is the evergreen and ever beautiful bangles! They are the most graceful part of Indian dressing and look amazing with all Indian dresses such as sarees, suits and anarkalis. They are a perfect ornament for every occasion and they are going to add to the elegance of your favorite dress, for sure.

  saree with brangleslehenga choli with bangles        salwar with bangles


Ladies wrist cuffs Wrist Cuffs

The last is the new in fashion trend jewelry, wrist cuffs. They wrist cuffs are a combination of bracelet and bangle with a larger diameter. They too have in built grace and elegance and go very well with all kinds of western and Indian dresses. They are in fact one of the most favorite jewelry among today’s youth and is popularly worn with almost everything ranging from sarees to suits to dresses.

women accessories in casual dress Casual Dress with cuffs

Go on ladies, pick your most favorite dress and add a tinge of elegance to it with a perfect wrist ornament!!

  • Posted on July 29, 2015