Dhoti Pants,the coolest fashion innovation…

Dhoti Pants,the coolest fashion innovation…

If pants are smart then dhoti pants are uber cool. Back from the yesteryear, theses dhoti pants are taking fashion fundas to a different level.  Innovated by fashion designers, the new avatar not just looks neat, but it is also comfortable to wear. Bringing the dhotis back in vogue, but with a twist, is a sort of revival of the revered traditional clothing.A gender blender of sorts, this androgynous attire is not a bastion of male fashion anymore…it extends to women too.

In those traditional times, dhoti were worn only by people from the North or flaunted at a certain occasion.  Its cultured look made it an outfit just for special occasion. Then, it was worn only by men who dressed in it for festival, marriage or pooja at home.

But the fashion world has now turned this outfit on its head to create a style that is popular.  It is one of the emerging trends in fashion which can be adorned by both, man and woman which makes it all the more favored.

Catching the eye of fashion designers, dhotis got a modern make over when fused with pants. It looks stylish, contemporary and a fitting attire for a suave man !  Celebrities have worn it, placing it on the international fashion map, as this  adaptable garment also adds a touch of royalty to the look. This year at Cannes, Sonam Kapoor, trailblazer of Bollywood fashion, began another trend by wearing haute- saree in dhoti style.

Asthe modern version of dhoti is no longer basking in the male domain, girls too wear it, but with a twist.  It is common to see girls wearing dhoti inspired pants to colleges.  This may also be because dhoti-pants are extremely comfortable and airy adding to its comfort quotient.  The patterns and designs lend vibrancy to the clothing and yet this fashion is not at all expensive.  You can keep the traditional look in tact by teaming it with angarkhas

Smudging the fashion divide between genders, dhoti pants can be teamed with poncho tops or keep it sassy with bright kurtas.   Go funky with dhoti pants with quirky patterns or flaunt trousers draped like dhoti and pair it with asymmetrical tops.  For that elegance and sophistication, go with single tone orturn up the jazz by going monochrome.  Carrying it out with panache, woman have been seen tweaking their saree in form of a dhoti accentuating their figure.

Are you an extrovert ? Add the fun element by going versatile and teaming it with well fitting kurti or an attractive Tee-shirt.  Either way, it is a guarantee that many heads will turn towards you. Don’t forget the accessory.  Go boho or simple.  Create a fashion statement that suits your style.  Flaunt a ‘bandhgala’ over dhoti pants for that  party can create a stir.

Pastel and earthy shades are in today along with neon shades of all colors like blue, pink etc making them the flavor of the month !! Ethnic prints would suit a dhoti pant style yet the symbolic prints like “swastika” will add the dash bring back the 70s into your fashion time frame.

Whether easy breezy or going cultured, dhoti pants are new age and here to stay.

  • Posted on March 21, 2015