Different Dupatta draping styles

Different Dupatta draping styles

Dupatta are a long scarf native to the dressing of South Asian women for ages now. In fact, they have been considered as a pictogram of reticence to the dressing of women from these belts. These graceful drapes that go well with more or less all the attires, starting from saris, suits, lehenga, anarkalli, skirts and dresses, they append a smidgen of oomph and grace. Much like its utility, the ways of draping it are ample, and each has an inimitable twist to it.

U-shape Urn

U shaped dupatta draping

This style of dupatta draping is one of the classic styles and, it look extremely elegant with churidars and Punjabi suits. Roll or pleat the Dupatta and casually place it around your neck to let one side in front while the other towards the back.


Anarkali Angle

anarkali angle dupatta draping

The classic style of anarkali inspired the evergreen style of draping Dupatta. The drape is made of u-shape draping with the rear side of the Dupatta covering the head gracefully. This evergreen style goes well with all Indian dresses ranging from lehenga to suits and saris.


Bengali Bend


Bengali style drape looks ever gorgeous with a pallu from the front and a small segment of the saree hanging towards the back with a set of keys attached to them. This drape looks particularly gorgeous in lehenga and designer churidar suits.


Pretty Punjabi

punjab way of dupatta


Punjabis wear everything with a style, and so are their Dupatta styles! Tie the two ends of the Dupatta and place it on one shoulder along with a chosen mid-point from the other side on the other shoulder.


Simply South

South style dupatta

South Indian approach of the Dupatta emphasizes on their simple, serene yet sophisticated style. Slip the Dupatta from one end to the lehenga or salwars and other side goes over as ulta pallu. The swathe reminds us of “Choti si Asha Look” …


Assamese Art

assamese style of dupatta draping

This traditional style in fact looks gorgeous and reflecting the artistic side of a women. Most of these drapes are associated with dances for convenience and beauty.


Classic Seedha Pallu

classic seedha pallu dupatta draping

This is one of the oldest and modest ways of draping a dupatta especially with lehenga. In marriages, most women prefer to take their dupatta in classic seedha pallu style for maximum ease.



ulat pulta dupatta draping

The Punjabi look from the front and a simple twist from the other end is what define this ulta-pulta look the best. Also, among one of the most common styles, this look is the curtain raiser at all major functions decorated with women in graceful lehenga, suits and saris.



hang me right dupatta draping

Hang-me-right look can be awarded as one of the trendiest style along with being extremely common for women with almost all the Indian attires such as suits, anarkalli, churidars and lehenga. Just leave the dupatta flowing on one side of your shoulder and the style has been achieved!


Frontal Fetish

frontal fetish dupatta

Another winner style is the frontal fetish that can be seen on almost all celebrities, commoners and traditional women. Just place the dupatta on your shoulder on either sides and leave it flowing down covering the kurta or choli from the front. Such styles of dupatta draping go well with all events, formal or casual.


Choker Chic

Choker Chic dupatta draping

Inspired by frontal fetish, this style too involves pulling the dupatta over your shoulders from both sides. But, in this drape the dupatta is placed close to the neck in the form of a choker necklace.


Indian Bride

Bridal style dupatta

A simple cover on the head with the dupatta is one of the most inbuilt traditional drapes of India. Most brides carry this look with extreme grace adding to the ethnicity and grace of the dress starting from saris to suits and lehenga.


Stole-ing Stalker

dupatta like a stole

Wear your dupatta like a stole or a shawl to make a statement! Go on girl relax and take it around you!


Scarf Secret

scarf style dupatta

Scarves look extremely graceful with just a knot to hold them together and close to your neck. Try the same with your dupatta to give it an oomph and bag some compliments.


Flowy Flounder

flowy founder dupatta

Wear is again an evolution of frontal fetish, with one side still stuck to the shoulder while the other side has flown down to give the drape a more casual touch.


Queen Quilt

floor hugging dupatta

Let your dupatta flow like a train after you giving you the most dazzling queen inspired appear. Just take it any way and let the train follow to look your eye-catching and stunning best!


Front and Back

front and back dupatta

A very simple yet graceful drape, front and back is a combination of a simple flow of dupatta in the front from one side while back from the other. Women with long dupatta try this style and see it work its magic!


Casual Craft

casual fit dupatta

The last on our list of beautiful drapes is the casual craft with the dupatta pinned to both your elbows to reveal the intricate work on your suit, lehenga, churidar or anarkalli.

  • Posted on September 18, 2015