Exploring the Style Statements of India's Smartest Politicians

Exploring the Style Statements of India's Smartest Politicians


  • NaMo

The present Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi is one Indian politician who faced many controversies especially with his pinstrip suit that spelled out his name in tiny letters. Many controversies rounded around the cost of the 'suit,' which was later auctioned for $690,000. The HRD minister, Smriti Irani, quoted Mr. Modi to be a man of action, and not just persona.

Narendra Modi Narendra Modi

Seen in trimmed hair, and well tailored attire (the iconic half-sleeved kurta, or the 'Modi Kurta', and the Nehru jacket), his designed used to be Jade Blue, Ahmadabad, one of the most expensive stores in the city.Narendra Modi

It was on the occasion of his swearing in ceremony that the Modi Style was born. He was seen wearing a pistachio green colored kurta that day.

Decoding the NaMo Style

NaMo Style Kurta: Designed by his own personal tailors, the Chauhan Brothers - Bipin and Jitendra, has, for sure, hit the right chord. The style was powerful enough to attract the attention of the whole world.

Fabric: He prefers Khadi and linen that too mostly in white or saffron colored kurtas.

Accessories : Even though, Mr. Modi may seem like a simple man, having a closer look will give us a better glance on the Bvlagri frames for his spectacles, Movado watch, and Mont Blanc pen.


sonia gandhi Sonia Gandhi
  • India's Daughter-in-Law

Her love for Indian attires and handloom sarees can be noticed if you observe any public appearances she has made until date. Her attires are perfectly matched to her overall appearance, adding the charm and glow on her face.

Decoding Mrs. Gandhi Style

Sarees: Sonia Gandhi loves her handloom sarees. Even though she is not of Indian origin, herlove for Indian fashion and her political sense of style is mesmerizing. Light colored cotton sarees is her own political style. She mostly prefers the Bengal Taant, Chanderis, and Maheshwaris from Madhya Pradesh, and the Sambalpuri Ikkat from Orissa.sonia gandhi saree


Saree Blouses: She always sticks to high-neck stitches, and is also seen in long or three- quarter sleeve blouses while appearing for public meetings, or rallies.

Salwar-Kameez: When not in a saree, you cansee this politician in a comfy, cotton salwar kameez set. Her salwar-kameez collections are traditional handloom weaves, brightly colored.

Her choice of the footwear is quiet classy; its either peep toe heels or wedges. Even her winter wears are impressive, especially how she places the saree pallu to look like a shawl . She is also seen in Pashmina shawls, long cardigans, or coats.


Shashi tharoor Shashi Tharoor
  •  The Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity

One of India's most well-dressed and handsome politician, Mr. Tharoor is seen wearing both western and Indian outfit, during his many public appearances. Whether it be a three piece tuxedo, or an Indian traditional wear, this grey-eyed man has always stayed fashionable for the eyes of the camera.

Sasi Taroor

Decoding Mr. Tharoor Style

Mr. Tharoor is quiet versatile with his choice of attires, from suits to Nehru jackets to Jodhpuris, he experiments them all. Likewise is his choice of colors. Clean shaved and suave, with a friendly smile that makes the people feel him approachable; that's what describes him.


Rahul Gandhi Rahul Gandhi
  • The Youngest Gandhi

A heartthrob among female followers with his fair complexion and dimpled chin, Rahul Gandhi even in his forties, is often quoted as the most eligible bachelor of India.

Decoding Mr. Gandhi Style

Always dressed up for the occasion, his style statements are always fresh and pleasing. Whether itbe in a suit-booted look, or his white kurta pyjama, with Nehru cap and Tricolored sash, he is successful in conveying the very purpose of his visit, just through his attire. Lately, he was seen wearing a check shirt while meeting the students in Kerala.

Rahul gandhi with anil kumar / Rahul gandhi in kerala

Check out his polo neck T-shirt, blazer and jeans with Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor during the Slumdog gala. We can see a politician turned party person. At times, he also incorporates styles from his father, especially the Bomber jacket.


Sachin Pilot in kurta Sachin Pilot
  • The Handsome Politician

Ranked as the most fashionable Indian politician by a survey conducted by Myntra.com, the simple dressing style preferred by Mr. Pilot is elegant enough to match his expressions. Often seen in traditional Rajasthani attire, he succeeded in gaining the trust of the public.

Sachin Pilot in Suit

Decoding Mr. Pilot style

Kurta-Pyjama: Like many other Indian politicians, Mr. Pilot too prefers a white kurta and pyjama while attending a parliament session or taking a tour of his constituency. He is seen wearing well-cut suits, while attending the meetings of the telecom industry.


Aravind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal
  • The Aam Aadmi (The Common Man)

Clothes are an extension of one's own personality when not working with a stylist, once quoted bywell-known fashion designer Ritu Kumar. This is exactly the case with the Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

Decoding Mr.Kejrewal style

Reflecting the mannerisms of a common Indian man with his loose un-tucked shirts and sloppy pants, Mr. Kejriwal might not be the smartly dressed Indian politician.

The Muffler Man: He is called the 'Muffler Man' mainly because of his muffler wrapped, winter look. People are of the opinion that Mr. Kejriwal is setting a common man's image through his casual styling.

In fact, his dressing is loud enough to speak of his ideologies, of representing the Aam Aadmi, or the common man, and reaching out to his targets.

kejriwal collage

Summer Look: His summer looks includes a half-sleeve shirt, untucked and usually of checked fashion.

Winter Look: During winters, a cap or a scarf, or both together, with a pullover (usually in blue or grey color) is added to his attire.


Priyanka Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi
  • Like Grandmother, Like Mother

The dressing style of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra reminds a lot of her grandmother, Indira Gandhi, one of the strongest leader India has seen. Mostly noticed in traditional Indian attires, Mrs. Vadra also looks fabulous in a pair of jeans with formal shirts.

Priyanka Gandhi

Over the years, her overall taste in fashion has changed, which is quite impressive. The embroidered Salwar-Kameez got replaced by lycra shirts and jeans, maxi skirts and t-shirts.

She also, does appear in handloom sarees just like her mother and grandmother. Most of her sarees are checked, color-blocked or in a monotone. Her fuss free bob and clear facial skin is an addition.


omar abdullah Omar Abdullah
  • Kashmir's Obama

Mr. Abdullah with his charming and graceful Kashmiri look, is perfect enough to attract the minds of the people. He is usually seen in three piece suit giving him a sophisticated style.

He is one of those few politicians to enter the legislative house wearing a western attire. Let it be a traditional karakul (the boat-shaped felt cap) or golf-shirt and jeans, he just knows how to carry himself the best way.

Omar Abdullah

Close shorn hair and sunglasses adds to his charm.

He is often compared to the US President Barack Obama, mostly in connection to his personal style. Ranked third among the politicians for his fashion sense and style, Mr. Abdullah is not quite happy with the phrase.


jayalalita Jayalalita
  • Puratchi Thalaivi

Dressed in plain silk sarees that holds the slightest work, only towards its borders, Ms. Jayalalitha is known for her simple dressing. We can say, this careful selection of her attires added grace and charm to her look.

Well, you can't expect anything less from an ex-filmstar.Her sarees are always well pleated and perfectly draped. Her perfectly done hair, the shaped eyebrows and clear facial skin adds to her charm.


Sarees: The TamilNadu Chief Minister, Jayalalitha prefers saree over any other attire during her public appearances. She is also said to be in possession of more than a thousand saree all by herself, as she is seldom seen repeating a saree she has already worn. She usually goes for deeper colors with delicate borders.

  • Posted on June 25, 2015