Famous Women Footwear Labeled

Famous Women Footwear Labeled

Studies have been conducted at different parts of the world on the relation between a woman and the shoes she is wearing. And, many of those studies throws light on to the fact that “a woman’s character can be observed by observing what she is wearing on her foot”.

Take a look outside. You can see a diversity of foot-wears walking around.  There are hundreds of different varieties of women footwear out there in the market. And, if you research further you will be able to find even more number of sub-varieties under the main titles of foot-wears commonly named as, flats, sandals, heels, wedges, boots, and sneakers.

Even though we tend to wear what we like, specific rules are there regarding what does with what occasion, and with what kind of attire. And, failing to follow this is enough to get you look foolish or ignorant in front of others.

Are you interested in the art of shoe-making? Then, it is very important that you learn and understand the possibilities present there.
Take a look at the infographics provided here. This is a small attempt to get you familiarized with the various types of footwear available in the market.



  • Posted on November 7, 2014