Floor Hugging Anarkali - The Trend of the Time!

Floor Hugging Anarkali - The Trend of the Time!

The talk of the town:

The timeless Indian attire that has captivated the hearts of many continues to stay in fashion despite years of being around. The most interesting phenomenon about fashion is that it reoccurs every few years and then somehow fades only to return again. The anarkali adorned with jubilant jewels and a rick thick border that only accentuates its elegance.


The Anarkali was that traditional attire worn during the mugal time. Of course, the whole look and feel of this royal costume has changed over years.  However, the overall look and idea remains the same.

Anarkali is believed to be a slave girl who lived in the Lahore, Punjab (present day Pakistan), who was supposedly ordered to be buried alive by the then Mughal emperor Akbar, for having an illicit relationship with the Crown-prince Salim (Emperor Jahangir). Fictional or not, the story of Anarkali and her unending love, made ‘Anarkali’ favorite among the youth and fashion lovers.

zoya_blue_velvet_net_anarkali_aAmplifying beauty:

The beauty of the gorgeous Indian woman is heightened by the gorgeous anarakalis'. The present day Anarkali has a touch of new zest to it. The anarkali now swoop through the floor in its richest fabric and an elegant pallu hanging with exuberance. Anarkalis usually come with an empire line waste that makes one look curvaceous elegant and this accompanies with a flow fabric that goes down the length of the floor.

Vibrant Colours:

The anarkalis' come in a wide range of hues and embellishments. These dazzling attires is mostly seen and used as party wears, had replaced the Indian traditional attire, the Saree, to a great extend. The common colours one daresay are the pretty pink, brilliant blue, majestic maroons, gorgeous greens & yellow! Even though these are the common colours, they are seen in almost all shades of colours and all sorts of design.

The bottom of a floor hugging anarkali is fairly simple and the colour might be in contrast or matching to the colours on the anarkali itself. For someone who is very tall and slender, the bottom might just be barely visible, or still not. However for those who aren’t, the top takes away all the beauty and makes them look extremely smooth and elegant. The Anarkali range in all sizes and weights as well, one can get an extremely heavy rich and embezzled anarkali for one’s own reception, sangeet or mehndi. Or take a much lighter one for a general function.

The floor hugging anarkalis come mostly in full sleeves with netted or laces sleeves being the most common ones. However, generalizing would be difficult since there are various hand and sleeve patterns that exist in this design.

Nallu collection presents a wide range of already popular anarkalis and gives you the widest variety to choose from. Engage yourself in choosing the best one for yourself for your next function or marriage or that important event you need to attend.

Anarkalis for you!

These utterly stylish, classy anarkalis takes the typical Indian beauty with dark kohled eyes and lush mascara, coupled with adorned jewellery that matches the girl/woman’s style statement, and you’re all set to be the ultimate wow factor.

  • Posted on March 3, 2015