Gorgeous Kaftans available in the market

Gorgeous Kaftans available in the market

Kaftans have been a part of the world heritage and culture since time immemorial. Traditionally, kaftans (caftans) were worn by royalties as a robe over their clothes or an overdress with a floor touching length. Born out of silk, cashmere, cotton and wool, they have moved a long way and are available in millions of fabrics now-a-days. There other popular significance was attached to the attire in wedding during pre historic and historic times.

Royal Kaftan


In those times, it was a luxury wear by both men and women alike belonging to the rich and aristocratic class. However, in the present day they are mostly preferred by women as a versatile fashion wear for occasions as well as routine wear.

kaftan collage

With the spring blossoming in full bloom, so are the trends of the spring winter couture.  Kaftans add the gleam of dazzle to this sprinter winter collection. Their versatility enable them suit every figure or body structure with ease. In fact they are as easy to wear as one’s own skin for all women. But, in this broad world of kaftans there are several smaller stars based on their origin, use and make.

modern kaftans


Although several regions of the world inspired the designs of kaftans however, only a few have survived the wrath of time and emerged as a hot favorite among the wearers. Broadly, to give them a number four range of kaftans are well worn and accepted among the fashion finders as enlisted below.



They Moroccans have always bestowed up on the world its outstanding fashion sense.  Their kaftans, known as takchita, are one of the most beautiful and intricately designed.

morrocan kaftans


Russian kaftans smell of rich and royal aristocracy, as if a glimpse in the life of Czars. Expensive silk cloths and minutely designed work make them stand apart even in the world full of competitions.

russian kaftans


Kimonos and kaftans of this region are a delight for the wearer and viewers as well. Tradition is sown into them with each thread delicately to give them an intrinsic and extrinsic beauty.

kimonos kaftans


Style and trends are often described by the relaxing and refreshing clothing that is worn in the west. The western kaftans reflect this very comfort and invigoration from the western society.

modern kaftan

Use dividends

Versatility defines kaftans better than no other word and hence, their usage as well. They are an extremely acceptable and likeable wear for either ceremonial or unfussy dressings. The formals are designed from fancy cloths such as silk and linens and decorated with laces, embroidery, stones and bead work, while the informal one’s are a casual reflection of desire in the tones of chiffon, satin and crepe.

kaftan types

Size Variants

Traditionally, kaftans were meant to be long but, with popular demand from the fashion fanatics two variants have been designed namely, long and short. The ankle kissing dressy robes give a perfect touch of elegance, sophistication and poise while the short ones are a great day or night wear with denims, salwars, churidars, trousers and leggings.

kaftan short and long


  • Posted on November 12, 2015