Heavy Work Sarees from the Various Parts of India

Heavy Work Sarees from the Various Parts of India

India is a land of diverse cultural traditions that is reflected with great beauty in the varied clothing as well. Traditionally, saree with heavy work and borders are the most preferred outfit. There is diversity in these sarees too depending upon their origin and audience.

With the wedding and festive seasons around the corner, most women like to dress up in their best traditional clothes to showcase their cultural heritage. Hence, for all the ladies who are confused about the right kind of heavy work sarees this season here is the catalog for quick introduction. We have subdivided our saree reviews under two sections of traditional and modern day heavy work sarees.

Traditional Heavy Work Sarees


kanjivaram saree

With its origin from Kanjeevaram, Tamil Nadu, the sari showcases the exquisite work from the land. They are designed with contrast borders with conflicting prints of the cloth like temple border or checks.


paithani saree

The traditional Maharashtra saree is known as Paithani, made especially in Aurangabad and woven by hand. They have oblique square patterns and peacock pallu in plain or spotted cloths.


sambalpuri saree

Sambalpuri Saree of Orissa is traditionally hand-woven sarees with unique motifs ranging from chakras to phula and shankha. They are a very famous saree often worn by Indira Gandhi.


bomkai saree

Bomkai sarees are also known as sonepuri sarees and was worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in her wedding. Bomkai is another beautiful traditional saree from the Orissa after Sambalpuri.


pattu saree

The origin of pattu sarees is from Kerala and is hand-woven in beautiful contrasting shades with heavy golden borders.

Assam Silk

assam silk saree

The Assam Silk sarees are made from unique wild silks from Assam with simple yet intricate thread work to beautify them.


banarasi silk saree

North India’s most famous sarees are called Banarasi Silk Sarees from Uttar Pradesh. They are heavy silk sarees with detailed golden work covering every inch of it.


gotta saree

Gota from Rajasthan are saris made out of the Gota-work ribbons. This work is also popularly known as Gota-Patti in the region.


chanderi saree


Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh is beautiful spotted sarees with designs of coins, peacocks, flora and dots all over it.


phulkari saree

Phulkari is the traditional work belonging to Punjab. With the cultural elegance of suits in the region, sarees are a recent addition of the work. They have beautiful thread work design all over the sarees and border.


baluchari saree

Baluchari of Bengal is intricately designed sarees depicting adhyayas (Chapters) of Mahabharata all over them.

Modern Day Ethnics and Heavy Work Sarees

Stone work

stone work saree

The new hot favorites of young brides and girls are the stone work sarees. They are extremely heavy with stones attached to them across the length.


pearl work saree

Pearl work sarees are a form of stone work sarees but, have pearls fixed all over the saree to give it a graceful design.


zardosi saree

Zardozi is traditionally the most intricate type of embroidery with gold threads from several parts of India, Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh. One of the most famous hubs for these beautiful gold work sarees is Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh.


embroidery saree

Embroidery or thread work sarees have handmade thread work showcasing several designs and drawings such as peacocks, flowers etc all over the length. They minute handwork is one of the most popular designs in India for traditional dressing.

Antique Work

antique saree

Antique work is a form of Zardozi work. But, unlike Zardozi, antique work is also done in silver threads at some places combined with small silver beads. Although this work is found at several places in India but, is most famous from Jammu.

  • Posted on August 6, 2015