How to Avoid Foot Pain Caused by High Heels

How to Avoid Foot Pain Caused by High Heels

High heels are a frequent fashion for women. To avoid foot pain caused by high heels try to choose a shoe that has a lower heel height. You can always go in for a good foot massage at the spa. Use golf ball to massage the bottom of your feet. It will do wonders in helping tight muscles to relax. By this you can easily walk on high heels.

Some materials, such as leather provide more flexibility and will stretch and bend with the foot. This material will negate the damage that higher heels causes in the foot’s bones and it will take some part of the pressure off the foot.

Toes should not be constricted. Square shaped toe box is better option for heels then other shape boxes like round and pointed toe. Try to wear a wider and it is more supportive heel.

When you do wear high heels. They were made for a reason; use them. High heels keep the body weight shifted through the entire shoe. They can be of any kind. Insoles also help to protect your foot that you can put foot at the back of the heel.

Cutting your toenails will protect your toes. Get regular pedicure Nail damage from high heels can be quite painful so cut them frequently. So, that they don’t rub off against the tip of the shoes. Better to use silicon toe pads that will protect your toes. These silicon toe pads will protect you where compare to other pads.

Another way to avoid by wearing the plat form heels. It will reduce the pain. After wearing high heels make sure to do some foot soak them in warm salt water by this it will recover your foot. So, next time you can put your foot on your heels and it will keep you feel strong. You can continue to wear your faviourte heels

  • Posted on November 7, 2014