How to Remove Stains From Silk Fabric

How to Remove Stains From Silk Fabric

Silk is a beautiful, soft and shiny fiber that is formed from the silkworm's cocoon.  Clothes that are made of silk are very delicate and are easily prone to damage. This fabric  is very expensive and it takes a lot of efforts to take care of it. Never wash it too often as the color of the fabric fades. Even dry cleaning the fabric frequently also spoils it. As they are very expensive, you must take great care of it to preserve long.

Most women love silk sarees and wear them on many occasions. As you will perform several tasks during parties, something may spill on your silk garments. If you will definitely get panicked and will not be able to do anything at that moment.  To help you in this aspect, we are presenting you some tips to remove strains from the silk fabric.

Make sure that you have the below given things prior starting your process of removing the stains from silk fabrics.

  • Glycerin
  • Ammonia
  • Spot stain remover
  • Sponge
  • Denatured alcohol

The garment may be destroyed as a results of several stains. Some of them are listed below.

Tea and  Coffee  Stains

  • Take some warm water and dab it on the stain area
  • Let it allow to wet for sometime
  • Pour little glycerin, a thick and colorless liquid on the stain. This product can be obtained from a natural product store or through online.
  • Now rub the glycerin into the stain by holding the fabric in your hands
  • Leave the fabric for half an hour
  • Finally wash and rinse the stained area with warm water
  • Allow it to dry for sometime

Alcohol Stains

  • If the alcohol stain is fresh, treat it with warm water initially. After that wipe the stain with warm water for many times.
  • If the stain is dried, make it wet by pouring little glycerin on the stain that is turned brown. When an alcohol stain stays for longer time on a silk fabric, it turns into brown color.
  • Now dry the silk fabric for at least one hour
  • Check the stain by rinsing it with warm water
  • If the stain is still visible, take equal amounts of denatured alcohol and ammonia and dab the stain area and rinse it carefully.
  • Remember that humans should not consume ethanol, Denatured alcohol

 Make-up Stains

  • Spot stain remover would be the best option to get rid of make-up stains on the silk fabrics
  • If you do not a spot stain remover at that moment, use liquid laundry soap
  • If the stain isn't removed even after the treatment with spot stain remover,  take equal amounts of denatured alcohol and ammonia and dab the stain area and rinse it carefully.
  • Now rinse this silk garment with warm water.
  • Finally, lay the clothes flat and let them dry

Tips to be taken while treating them

  • It is better to test the solution on small portion of silk and go for the next
  • Avoid using bleach on silk

All these tips would be really helpful for you to get rid of stains on silk fabric.

  • Posted on August 13, 2014