How to Shop for the Perfect Anarkali Salwar Suit

How to Shop for the Perfect Anarkali Salwar Suit

Black Anarkali Churidar Suits- from NallucollectionAnarkali salwar suits are great to wear as a staple outfit all year round for both Indian men and women, but what are the key deciding factors which ultimately persuade us to buy them? Read on to find out some of our top shopping tips…


With winter just around the corner, it’s far better to be over prepared for the colder weather we can expect to endure. A contributing factor to people catching the common cold is often due to them not wearing the right clothing. But if you’re wondering whether or not you can get your hands on a good quality Anarkali Salwar suit that will see you through winter, don’t worry as there are many types of fabrics which cater to the chillier temperatures. These include: cotton, satin, georgette and banarasi to name a few. Many of Nallu Collection’s Salwar Kameez have built-in lining and are available in a luxurious floor length too, so it’s easier to keep cosy whilst also dressing weather-appropriate.

Value for MoneyWhite Anarkali Salwar Suits - Bridal Salwar Kameez

If you do your research into the price of a typical anarkali salwar suit, you’ll find that these Indian garments can range anywhere from Rs 1,300 up to Rs 14,000, depending on the brand, fabric used, detailing and craftsmanship. But at Nallu Collection, we are firm believers in getting what you pay for, particularly when it comes to choosing the right ethnic wardrobe essentials. You’ll want to find a durable option that will be a fashion investment in that it will last you a lifetime. Garment quality is paramount as well, especially when you’re shopping for a special salwar outfit. Your purchase has to fit in with a monthly budget so be careful not to overspend or you won’t be left with enough cash to see you through the remainder of the month. Your best bet is to shop around first - research online, visit boutiques, and even among market stalls you can often find hidden gems. So when it comes to value for money, pace yourself, compare and choose wisely, as there is a wide selection of luxurious Asian-inspired salwars out there on the retail market, and it’s all too easy just to splash out on the first piece you see.

So there you have it, a few attributes to think about next time you’re thinking of indulging in a shopping spree. Follow this advice and you’ll find that when it comes to purchasing your next Anarkali Salwar Suit, you will have successfully chosen the perfect practical yet decorative ensemble.

  • Posted on November 26, 2014


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