Dressing in a formal attire gives a professional look for men. So dressing in formal gives best impression and first positive impression can be last longing. Indian office dresses are plain shirts, trousers and suits for men and for women formal shirt, formal pants straight fit cotton sarees and cotton suits and so on…

Dressing for office must have a vision of them and follows the latest fashion trend.

Women wore sarees and salwar kameez for office it is an Indian traditional dress which is very much loved by women even these days also. The latest trend in the formal wear for women are high-waist skirts, cup sleeved shirts, waist coats, stilettos and right jewellery. Some of the women like prefer simple formal wears and some of the women prefer a big trendy styles.

The simple formal wears are long kurtis combined with jeans and with light jewelry. Trendy formal wears are high waist skirts, short dresses with stilettos, miniskirts, plunging necklines, halters, baring tops, tight clothes, and sweats are the in appropriate clothing for office wear

The shirts are very comfortable for formal wear, satin shirts cotton shirts silk shirts are combined with jeans or with trousers for simple style. The satin and silk blouses are also look great along with shirts. One of the important things here to be considered is color; it plays a vital role at offices.

Most of the organizations refer white, ivory, black brown and blue. When coming to the suits it will be neutral and balanced shades like in blacks, grays and mud shades. These shades look professional and elegant. Avoid wearing peppy shades like yellow pink for office.

Plain formal shirts are not only stylish but also v-neck style, round style, buttoned shirts and plain t-shirts also look great. And all these can be combined with trousers and skirts. The skirts are very comfortable for women and easy to wear. Slim ladies can wear high waist skirts and ladies with heavy personality can wear normal waist skirts.

Women should dress in such a manner they appear serious and competent to men.

The formal suits also give attractive and professional look for women. Especially women who are in job hunting can be wearing a nice suit.

Women should be particular about their other accessories like shoes belts strolls spectacles and watches who go for office.

Now coming to men office wear suits are ideal for formal wear for men who look stylish and men can also wear plain shirt and jeans and some people can go with tie which gives professional look for men. And some people may not go with tie and here the shirt should be crisp which is nicely ironed and well tucked in shirt.

And men can also wear jackets as a formal wear these days in some organizations. The perfect jacket make an entire out fit which is well tailored with and with a darker shade like navy and black.

Guys have their own trends they can also like to prefer v-neck sweaters which is an alternative and those who are not comfortable in wearing jackets.

  • Posted on November 7, 2014