Learn the Art of color selection for your dresses

Correct dressing is not only the need of every girl but also the essential requirement to enhance one’s persona and style. Every girl loves to shop but shopping for the right dresses and clothes that can add to ones beauty and style is important. This selection involves picking just the right cloth keeping many essential aspects in mind such as fit, style and design. However, what most of us over look is the color of the dress. So, we made this trouble of yours easy by coining a few aspects that would help you pick the perfect color of your dresses that just make you look gorgeous and fabulous even in the simplest of clothes.


Colours in according to weather

The first aspect is climatic conditions. Light pastel shades are a call for warm summer days while dark vibrant shades add to the grace of cold wintery nights making you stand out among the crowd. Floral clothes add to the freshness of spring while plain vibrant flowing shades are the call for autumn dressing. So, go on girl what are you thinking, add some pastels and neon’s to your wardrobe to give it a more refreshing look.



The color themes for day and night wear should be different. Lemon yellows and baby pinks look amazing during days while peaches and pinks look gorgeous at night. If, picking your dress for a particular occasion or place keep the part of the day in your mind to make the right choice.

Color tone of skin and your best features

Color of dress based on color tone

Not all colors are made for everyone except for certain colors such as blacks. Generally neon shades, such as neon pink is the perfect color to enhance your looks if you have a light skin tone. However, dusky people look particularly gorgeous in blues. Add some color to your wardrobe and see the magic happen and a long tail of admirers behind you.


color based on themes

Certain clothes need to pick depending on theme of the occasion or type of the function. Formal places demand more sober yet pretty colors while informal parties should be a place for bright vibrant shades to reveal the wild side of a person. While picking a certain dress keep the theme in mind to pick just the right color for yourself as your dresses are the first impression that you leave on people.

Fashion and trend

fashion and trends

Lastly, certain colors are part of the latest trend and fashion. Although, it is a must for almost every girl to have that particular color in their wardrobe but, it is essential to understand that not all colors are meant to be worn on regular days. Sometimes these colors look much better on ramps and fashion week stages but it is essential you try them on and pick them only if you look good in them.

Try them

Always try your clothes before you pick them to see their reflection on your skin. It should make you look fresh and radiant rather than dull or overdressed.

So, let the girl in you decide, she is definitely your best friend when it comes to picking the right shades of color for you.

  • Posted on July 6, 2015