Makeup Tips for Woman Who Wear Glasses

Makeup Tips for Woman Who Wear Glasses

Women choose to wear their glasses in colorful frames. Blue, green, red are all very popular colours for frames and they shows enough attention to the eyes, An easy way to choose colours for the eye makeup by selecting soft colors, so that they don’t match with the jazzy frames, Choose soft colors like soft browns, light pink and beige to highlight your eyes.

When you wear glasses brows will fetch great importance in your face .these brows helps to frame your face. so, trim them regularly and create a great shape. I recommend to go to a professional to make your eye brows look fabulous.

Weather your wearing eye glasses or not you need to look fresh and pretty so, don’t forget the blush. Wearing glasses will highlight your cheeks! Warm muted red, blush pinks will give your neutral look .Cream blushes are easier for more natural look. Therefore, blush is our best friend

Women can smartly hide the dark circles around your eyes by right concealer. When you wear glasses your eye area go to be a highlight part in your face. Glasses can even hide your dark circles puffy bags and mimic lines. so, by investing in concealer around your eyes. Your eyes will look bright and fresh

Always curl your lashes before you apply mascara, hold the curler for five to ten seconds as you lift it up and just once enough and you can also use your fingers to hold the lashes in a curl by the tips of your fingers for a while if not your lashes may break.

Women who wear glasses, should highlight their lips by lips sticks colors like pink, fiery orange bold red or, pick any vivid color! For long time wear and apply a lip liner in same shade before swiping the lipstick.

  • Posted on September 6, 2014