Mini Me Bags – The Latest Trend In Town

Mini Me Bags – The Latest Trend In Town

So what’s in your bag? A mobile phone, car or house keys, a bunch of cosmetics ranging from lipsticks, lip gloss or balm, kajal or eyeliner, mascara, a compact, deo or perfume, maybe a face wash, sunglasses, scarf, some cash, and cards among other essentials. Whoa, that’s a whole lot of stuff, isn’t it? Most importantly, your hand bag carries a style quotient for you.

Talk about the trend

Desktop13We women love to splurge and indulge and hence these essentials are well, a-must keeps for us. On second thoughts, is it really wise to carry a big handbag around, while travelling? So what do we do now? Let’s unpack our big and heavy designer bags and transfer the stock into a functional and stylish ‘Mini Me’ bag.

Yes the latest trend season to keep all your essentials yet make you feel lighter and unburdened – Mini Me Bags. Many renowned luxury fashion brands are shrinking the sizes of their bags and making it look more desirable, spacious yet small and easy to carry. The Mini Me bag is not limited to any shape. You can pick a square, rectangle, trapeze, and even an astute round. They even come in abstract shapes such as say, a lips. These bags can have detachable and adjustable straps or chain, so wear it around like a sling or tag it playfully around your wrist.

Pick the right one

So now that we have rightly guided you to pick a Mini Me bag, be sure to select the right one for the right occasion. Before you go shopping in the town, read on to know the right kind of Mini Me bag you should buy.

x-mini-me-hanging-on-bag-2-rev1Your Mini Me bag will reflect your style and persona. In addition, look for the one that compliment your outfit. These bags are small in size and hence can get overshadowed by your outfit. So look for something that bear designs which are a contrast to your dress. It could have interesting animal prints too.... just something that will make your outfit stand out.

For evening e8ad2279edba9200207e62d3e87440f1soiree, flaunt a bag with a little sparkle or shimmer. It will add elegance to your look. A simple Mini Me bag with sober prints and a little gems thrown on it, now that makes you come across… ummm sophisticated yet cool chic.

For a formal event, you might want to pick up a black or a grey, square shaped leather bag with a big buckle alone featured in it, for classy looks.

Be sure to select the right colours as well. As mentioned a little contrast from your outfit would just do fine; however, you can tag along a bag which radiates shade darker than your outfit.

Be trendy with comfort

15f272edc118bcad39df0c02f1f0c36dA Mini (me) bag is simply wonderful as it ensures to put less pressure on women’s shoulders. So let go of the practice of carrying around the oversized tote bags. It’s time to loosen up and set yourself free.

Yes, it time to be comfortable with a lighter yet trendy bag!

  • Posted on April 24, 2015