Do You Have The Right Nail Shape?

Do You Have The Right Nail Shape?

Square nails: A classic and timeless shape if you have long and narrow fingers. The square nails are flawless and can enhance the shortness of your fingers. Thus, it needs to be avoided by people with shorter fingers and nail beds.

Squoval nails: Squoval shape is the combination of the square and oval shape. Cutting out the sharp edges of the square, can give you a squoval shape. It doesn't stunt the appearance of your already shorter fingers.

Oval nails: Oval shaped nails goes on any hands. It will give the illusion of an elongated nail bed, making your nails look longer than they actually are.

Round nails: Round nails are cute and are less prone to breakages. It is best suited for people who wish to keep their fingernails short.

Pointed nails: The pointed nails provide an avant garde style, adding that extra flair to your forward fashion look. Many of the celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Adele (to mention some) has been spotted in pointed nails. Ever after, pointed nails has become quite a popular choice in saloons.

  • Posted on November 20, 2014