Planning For a Bright Future Starts with the Wedding Day

Planning For a Bright Future Starts with the Wedding Day

Wedding season is a once in a lifetime event where the bride and groom join together, to step into a new life. In India, weddings are more like a week-long ceremony with tons of activities, functions and responsibilities that need to be done with complete precision, remembering even the minor details. Since there are so many activities, it is extremely important to have a checklist so that no minor or major details are forgotten.

From decoration to dressing, every aspect of a wedding ceremony desire expert hand to meet the requirements of all the key features during the festive season. But, you can forget your tensions now. After much thought and hardwork, we have come up with this checklist for you to help you in the best possible way we can. To all those new brides and grooms - one word - sit back, and relax!

Here is your personal checklist….

Money Aspect

wedding budget planning

Plan a proper budget by keeping essential aspects and expenses in mind. Do not go overboard as there are several unaccounted costs that may come up on last minute.

Spot Booking

destination indian wedding

Destination weddings are the new mantra and most bride and groom plan the ceremonies together. With least people planning a traditional way of tying knot at their native places, decide a venue that suit their budget and can accommodate the guests.

Uncles and Aunties

indian wedding blessings

Make a guest list in advance so that you do not forget any one. Wedding is an occasion that would be incomplete without the blessing and presence of all the important people.

Come stay with us

indian wedding planning

Making reservations for the guests is an important task but, make the bookings only after consultation as many people come with their own arrangements.

Click lots of pictures

indian wedding images


Capture all the beautiful moments for building that perfect memory that would last forever. Most good photographers are busy during this period so make an advance booking.

Lets shop

indian wedding shopping


Most brides and grooms look forward to this aspect of the wedding season. Shopping involves deciding and purchasing the exclusive clothing, saree, suit or lehenga for bride and sherwanis for groom, for this magnificent day. Shopping of the gifts for the guests is also an essential part of Indian wedding ceremony and should be done in advance to avoid any last minute rushing.


indian wedding decorations

Decide a theme and ask the decorator to use the theme for decorating the venue/s. Use ample of flowers to give the venue a fresh and fragrant look to your auspicious day.

Eating delicacies

indian wedding food items

Food arrangements should be made in advance to display desired menu on your D-Day and other functions to avoid disappointing the guests. Believe it or not, most Indian guests judge the arrangements by the quality of food served!


indian wedding payments

Payment of various people involved in the wedding such as decorator, designers and caterers should be made before you leave for your long planned honeymoon trip.


indian honeymoon couple

This might be the last stage of your wedding planning checklist and by now you would have hung your bridal sari or designer suits on the hanger to enjoy a long and sweet vacation with your partner. So, gear up people and after you have met with your post-wedding rituals and commitments, plan a honeymoon. But, with the severe rush during this season it is always better to make the bookings of travel and stay in advance to avoid any last minute set-backs.

  • Posted on August 10, 2015