Makeup Tips for a Rainy Day

Makeup Tips for a Rainy Day

Monsoon though is a season that everyone looks out to enhance their beauty waterproof makeup items.ofcourse in rains heavy downpour would just mess up the complete look and leaves you like a disaster. Try to avoid foundation as much as you can, unless you like getting messed up.

There’s no need to get worry in monsoons just pickup waterproof makeup items which wouldn’t smudge contact with water.

One of the makeup kit i.e. primer. It helps to absorb the excess moisture from the skin and it’s prevent smudging. Monsoon days generally tend to increase the oil and water content in the skin.

Use waterproof makeup during reason. They are difficult to remove but you thin lines on the face even if rainfall in eyes. Waterproof eyeliner which would not move from its place even when you are caught in sudden drop of a rain. You can also use pencil liners in monsoon season.

Concealer is must during rainy seasons it helps the shadow to stay on the lids in spite of moisture in the air. However you have to apply an eye shadow do so only after rubbing concealer on your upper lid. Waterproof concealer is used to hide all your skin issues. It is best to be minimalist.

Mascara is one of makeup item which is used in all seasons like monsoon, summer and winter. Prefer water resistant mascaras that will stay for a while without getting smudged. It helps your eyes to appear more awake and wide.

Paint your nails orange or else make an experiment with eyeliner by making this it will brighten up whole day. Swipe a bold pink on your lips.

Use bb creams. It is multipurpose cream which provides the ideal amount of coverage and keeps your skin hydrated.

To absorb oil and sweat from the skin you can use blotting sheets. This oils acts as a carrier for the color pigment. So, women need in blotting sheets because most makeup includes some amount of oil.  This sheet will clean oil pigment without disturbing your makeup.

To wipe the makeup take warm water and wet the area of your eyes and apply baby shampoo on it make massage gently. Wash it off with lukewarm water and dry the portion with towel.

  • Posted on November 7, 2014