Some Best Desi Makeup Shades

Some Best Desi Makeup Shades

Indian women have naturally beautiful eyes darker Indian skin should avoid too much glitter, as this tends to look over done more on them than on fair skin

Indian women has believe that fairness is beauty and this has given rise to a vast and even growing skin-whitening industry.

Kohl is the traditional favorite with the females. It wonderfully describes the shape and depth of the eyes.

One has to complete your eye makeup with final touch of Mascara. Usually people of India have poker straight lashes.

Now a day’s lot of desi girls wants to look lighter. But there are some rules one has to follow even those wants to be lighter

Desi skin tones are different one cannot follow the same foundation rules that white skin people follows.

Some girls who do make up just for the sake of doing it

Some people use fairness creams which hopes their skin would become light.

There are people who hire cleaners based on their ethnicity and skin colour but are quick to victimize them as “minority”

Applying black kohl or kajal in styles are different which is fashionable and it can be fun. Kohl is one of the easiest way to make simple eye makeup ideas and in styles that are changed in the easiest way to look different every day.

Makeup colors change with fashion styles and seasons there is a need to switch foundations from summer to winter depending on whether skin is slight darker in summer months.

The best place to test foundation is on the skin is lower cheek and jaw bone foundations are either in yellow-based or blue bases. If the skin is dark, one has to sure that the foundation does not make you cook ashen.

People with hot skin tones can wear eye shadow with a golden hue such as greens, browns gold or pinks.

For darker skin types and eye colors, darker bolder eye shadow quite easy is to wear

People who have dark brown eyes will look great with darker eyeliner shades.

And people with medium brown are lucky since they will look great with almost any eye liner shade while those with lighter shades of brown eyes should avoid too much dramatic looks since this can overpower their eyes.

Choosing the right colour that will complement your skin tone, however in fashion choosing the right shades of colour for the wardrobe will not only gives confidence but also help in over makeup and cover up with accessories. One should care about what’s new and what’s hot

Light lipstick visually enlarges your lips. While darker shades makes them appear smaller, if the lips looks bigger, use a lip pencil to carefully contour them before applying lipstick then highlight the center of your lips with some lip gloss to your bottom lip than your upper lip.

Teenagers should stick to light lip sticks. Young women rich colors while mature ladies dark but not flashy or vulgar colors.

  • Posted on September 2, 2014