The Power and Charm of Royal and Devoted Color Purple

The Power and Charm of Royal and Devoted Color Purple

Purple has always been a color ascribed to the royalties as it signifies sumptuousness, riches and sophistication in all shades. Besides its riches, it is also a color of love, devotion, passion, romance and sensitivity. After grabbing its luxurious spot in the west and acclamation from Gucci, it is all set to unleash its power of aristocracy on the Indian streets.

Purple color dress

Purple has been one of the most acclaimed colors of prehistoric times used to beautify the art and dress the royalties. And so the trend continues in the 20th and 21st century with it being an admired blush by business men, diplomats and political leaders.

Penny Mordaunt- British Conservative party politician Penny Mordaunt- British Conservative party politician
Royal people in purple Purple clothing was a status symbol and reserved only for emperors or senators

Gorgeous new trends and designs have been recently launched in the color to signify its nobility and tameness at the same time. Merging with almost every color and shade, it adds a life size tinge to the clothing and texture. For all the fashion new comers, purple is a vibrant color that goes extremely well with most of the colors ranging from creams to beiges and golden, from blacks to browns and from pinks to oranges and peaches. Pair it with a nice peppy top, shirt, or lower from western world and sari, suit, lehenga or churidar from the traditional Indian handloom; it is bound to create an environment of riches for you!

Purple color dresses

Hues of color purple due to its complex yet serene nature has been seen in several fashion fallouts this season. Numerous designers are exploring the various aspects of the color to give their design a look of intricacy and royalty for wooing the perspective audience. Ranging from sarees to suits and lehenga and from crop tops to palazzos, purple is a hot favorite this season.

fashion show in purple dressMerging and blending the colors with different shades have caught the eye of eager Indian audience looking for a change from the usual trends and tints. One such website highlighting the warmth and mystery of purple is the known for its up-to-date trendsetting Indian wear and designs all over the country.

purple anarkali suit

Nevertheless, the area of concern for most of the fashion conscious Indian audience is the appropriate pairing of the trend setting color with right accessories and make-up. Well let’s begin with the make-up angle of the color. Purple lip colors and nail paints have been a talk of the town for several decades in India. However, they had lost out their charm due to the roguish reds and perky pinks. But, for all the people possessing the godlike color purple’s lip shades and paint, it’s time to bring them out in open and wear it style, valiantly.

purple nail colour

Now, to the latter of accessorizing the color! Pick any thing; the color has to stun the watchers around you.

purple accessories for womenThe purple clutches, heels and jewelry have a sense of serenity yet modesty about them making them a much admired collection to pair with your favorite sarees, churidars, salwars-suits, anarkali, lehenga or dresses. Just put it on with style and oomph to be the goddess you truly are !

  • Posted on October 6, 2015