Turn your old clothes into wonderful things

Turn your old clothes into wonderful things

Do you have lots of old clothes in your wardrobe? Planning to throw them away to give place for other new clothes? Stop! Stop! Don't throw them away, they can be used to make wonderful things which you can use in your daily life.

This article tells you how to make use of old or used clothes. Read carefully and follow them properly to create miracles.

Recycle them

Try to recycle the clothes if you think they out of fashion. You can add small embellishments on them or alter them so that they look neat and different. This is how your old clothes can be given a fashionable look. You can also follow the below given tips while doing so.

Tear the jeans in to half and use them as shorts
Rip them for different look
Sew a decorative patch
Cut the jeans wider
Add some embellishments such as zippers, ribbons and buttons.

Dye the Fabric

Dying would be the best option if you are planning to make something which is very different. Try to go for vegetable dyes as they are eco-friendly in nature.

Turn them new

Your old clothes can be made new by adding little fabric, tube top, t-shirt or halter top. Various fabrics can be joined to make a patchwork garment.


Several accessories can be made out of fabrics. Some of them are headbands, hat, bracelets, scarf, necklaces, hair ties, slippers, belts, mittens etc.

Turn different

By adding colorful patches, you can turn out your blue jeans pr miniskirt in to a new one. You can even add an extra pocket to the inner side of your coat.

Prepare Toys

Stuffed animals, doll clothes, bean bags are some of the toys which can be prepared using old clothes.

Cover your favorite book

Your favorite scrapbook, personal diary or journal can be covered using a cloth.

Photo frame

Cut a card board in to the shape of a photo frame and cover it with fabric by attaching it using glue.

Lampshade cover

Decorative ribbons, pleats of clothes can be glued on to the top of lamp shade. A row of dangling, shining and sparkling beads can also be added at the lower edge of the shade to enhance its beauty.

Old clothes can also be used to cover a corkboard, make a bed quilt, throw blanket, pillow cases, curtains, valance, Wrap small gifts, make gift bags, Scruff the walking cushion, a rag rug, Wash Rag, cleaning fabric etc. Apart from these, many things can be done using old or used clothes. Do you know some other things which you can make out of them? Do comment below.

  • Posted on August 11, 2014