What Your Clothing Color Says About You

What Your Clothing Color Says About You

Colors! Colors! Colors!

Colors are those magnificent lights used to depict the human behavior and emotions. So, by looking at the people’s choice of colors in their clothing, one can deeply explore into their innersoles. You can stay constructive and productive, if you really understand the psychological effects of colors.

Romantic Red  

Which color does a woman choose to magnetize a man?


Yes absolutely.

This stimulant color boosts men’s arousal and gets attracted towards women. Several studies have revealed red has influential effects on the behavior of the person. People who wear red most often try to convey the sexual signals and look attractive among all.

Apart from these, you can stay active and seem to be passionate, strength and ferocious by wearing red color clothes.

Funny Orange 

A person dressed in Orange color, says that he/she is fun or feeling feisty. Orange is regarded has a very inviting and enthusiastic color which is mostly suitable for friendly and social occasions.

But, it’s always better to avoid wearing orange color attires for jury duty or any official business meetings.

People who usually like to get dressed up in orange-colored cloths are supposed to be adventurous streak, zeal and courageous. They smile a lot and let others do the same.

So, guys, do you want to give out the impression of you being more humorous and talkative in your next social party? Then pick an orange color dress for the occasion.

Happy Green 

Wearing a Green-colored dress not only fills up the person with a very pleasant and satisfied feeling but also to the people surrounding him.

People who wish to be in a good mood and own positive emotional health must definitely choose green colored clothes. It stimulates creative mood and creates balancing, calm and soothing atmosphere around the people.

Most of the nature lovers are fond of this color green.

Bleed Blue

The Blue color is known for the relaxation and calmness it provides to the mind. And, if we consider further, this is the psychology behind people who wear Blue for their job interviews. The reason is same why most of the corporate people choose the same color to color their office interiors.

The color is best suited for people who attend inspirational sessions. One who wears blue can feel comfortable, peaceful and safer. Person who wears Blue is supposed to be valuing honesty and loyalty.

Potent Black  

Black is one of the most powerful colors, which is at a time formal and informal and is capable to suit any occasion. The best part about wearing a Black dress is that you don’t have to give much a thought into it, plus, it’s time saving. People who wish to look elegant, slim and fashionable can choose black colored clothes.

There was a time when Black color was widely avoided, but, it didn’t take long for this color to emerge as a strong fashion statement. People even think about Black as the universal color of authority and it makes people to be competent and powerful.

Happy White  

White is the universal color for peace, purity, innocence and cleanliness.

It is true that managing a White dress requires extra thought into it. But, at the same time, wearing a White dress is seen as a synonym for your cleanliness and careful nature.

The white color is also good to protect you from sun’s harmful rays and temperature. Thus, the white color is best opted for the people living at the tropic region, as the color doesn’t absorb the heat as the Black does. On the whole, white can keep you to stay cool and happy.


There are many debates around the whole idea of colors describing your personality and mood. But, even then it’s nice to associate and define colors since its provides us with a new prospection and dimension.

So, walk around wearing that color that defines your mood and personality. It’s okay to let people know if you are feeling happy or excited, or if you are feeling free or entangled.

  • Posted on November 7, 2014