About Nallu collection 

Nallu Collection is the outcome of dreams seen by one woman - Munira Gheewala - and the hardwork and determination of her entire team. Started as an online shopping site under the domain,, Nallu also have its own physical store on track, in Mumbai. One thing that made Nallu Collection a success is its unique choice of dress materials.  


Why Work with Nallu?

The short span of time that Nallu took to climb the ladder of success shows its excellence. 

At Nallu, we practice a collaborative culture, allowing you to leave your signature on every work you do. We believe in a work environment, where everyone is his or her own leader. Relax! You won't be left alone, as you will be aquatinted with the big thinkers on projects - in our efforts to better serve our global customers. 

To continue this serious effort, we are looking for creative minds who can stimulate challenges.  

So, how much do you think you will fit with us? 

Is the answer YES? Then forward your resumes to: [email protected]

Get ready for a fashion adventure with us!

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