Kurti Tops

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Red Color Modish Cotton Kurti.
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Red Color Modish Cotton Kurti.

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Fabulous Black And White Georgette Kurti.
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Fabulous Black And White Georgette Kurti.

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Kurti Tops 
Kurti is a common shirt kind of Indian tops which extends till knees. It is also known as Indian tunic tops and is worn by women of all age groups on different kinds of bottoms such as leggins, jeans, shalwars and various other pants. Kurtis are perfect dresses for all kinds of occasions like parties, weddings, birthdays, college wear, office wear etc.

Most people of present generation doesn't have time to visit store directly to buy kurtis. For the comfort of all those people, nallucollection.com is a popular website where you can find different varieties of designer kurtis online. Go through those wide range of kurtis and zoom over the pictures and make your purchase.

Different styles of Kurtis

In accordance with change in people needs, different styles of kurtis are available in the market. People pick any of them based on their tastes and interest. So, all the women who are planning to fill your wardrobe with great collection of kurtis can buy kurtis of different materials such as georgette, cotton and silk. Look below to get info on various types of kurtis available in the market.


These are made of cotton material and are suitable for all occasions and also worn by models on their ramp walk. Kurtis exists in different materials, colors and awesome finishing. Kurtis are readymade dresses which are available in different sizes, various sizes and can be adjusted based on the people's needs. Short kurtis are popular now-a-days and are perfectly stitched to render elegant look when worn along with stylish footwear and jewelry.

Punjabi suit

This is a bit old and traditional style of kurtas mainly long kurtha which includes a salwar bottom.

Churidar Kurta

It has tight fitted hands with curls at the ankles. When it is worn over well fitted legging it looks awesome.

Patiala Salwaar Suit

Patiala Salwaar includes more fabric than normal salwaar. Patiala pants has several pleats at its waistline and all these pleats drape below elegantly.

Pakistani Suits

As these are worn by pathan of Kabul, “Pakistani suits” are named so. It is mostly worn by men which includes a traditional salwar and knee length kurta.

Anarkali Suits

These are worn by people of Mughal period and is popular in present days.

Benefits of wearing Kurti

  • Kurti is easy to carry
  • You feel comfortable wearing them
  • It covers your body properly
  • You can carry out your household activities easily by wearing them
  • Cotton kurtis breathe well and adjusts your body temperature according to the climatic conditions
  • It makes you to feel unrestricted

Combination wears along with Kurtis

To look more attractive, you can go with these combination wears along with Kurtis.

  • Jeans
  • Shrugs
  • Skirts
  • Jewellery
  • Accessories

Choosing Kurti style according to body type

To look more beautiful choose kurtis based on the shape of your body. To help our buyers in this aspect, we have listed few suggestions.

Apple shape body- Do not choose York pattern Kurti or patiala Salwaar

Pear shape body- Skin tight kurtis must be completely avoided

Triangle shape body- These people shouldn't go for shoulder line Kurti.

Rectangle shape body- It is better to avoid wearing close fitting Kurti.

Hourglass Body- You can wear all kurtis but make sure that they aren't loose.



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