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  • 5 Must follow blogs for Indian fashion

    5 Must follow blogs for Indian fashion

    Fashion marketing is undergoing fast revolution and everyone wants their wardrobe to be updated with latest, affordable wearables. Stylish and good quality clothes that you dream about, improves your outlook and making you feel confident and comfortable in front of people.

    Everyone wishes for cloths that he can team up with any other color or cloth and that should be stylish as well. Sel.....Read More

  • Beautiful Bollywood Celebrities at Cannes 2015

    Beautiful Bollywood Celebrities at Cannes 2015

    Cannes film festival has always been a ramp show with celebs showcasing best designer clothing from all over the world. Then, how can our own gorgeous bollywood celebs lack behind. They too have displayed stunning works of amazing designers from both India and abroad. The red carpet event was actually quite a show by most of our regular and first time celebs at Cannes 2015 Film Festival. Aishwa.....Read More

  • Gorgeous Kaftans available in the market

    Gorgeous Kaftans available in the market

    Kaftans have been a part of the world heritage and culture since time immemorial. Traditionally, kaftans (caftans) were worn by royalties as a robe over their clothes or an overdress with a floor touching length. Born out of silk, cashmere, cotton and wool, they have moved a long way and are available in mi.....Read More

  • 5 Delightful Dresses for 5 Days of Diwali

    5 Delightful Dresses for 5 Days of Diwali

    Here comes another Diwali, diyas lit everywhere. On one side I can hear people bargaining for crackers and on another side a poster faces me saying, “For this Diwali let us burst away our egos, not crackers.” Even in all this chaos people get together as one, and greet each other a happy year ahead. Now, that’s the spirit of Diwali, for me.

    I.....Read More

  • Designs of Sabyasachi from Sabyasachi

    Designs of Sabyasachi from Sabyasachi

    Sabyasachi needs no introduction; he is more than a name in India. He is a brand! He is a trade name that every bride aspires to wear for her wedding and other important functions of her life.

    Sabyasachi designer



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