Bridal Salwar Kameez


Bridal salwar kameez is made up of georgette material, bridal wear is a heavily ornamented with stones which are stitched on the fabrics to provide a wonderful and grand look to the dress.

Gold and silver are the accessories used for the embroidery work which makes the dress very expensive. The kameez also comprises of beads that are woven to the costume which gives wonderful look to the dress. This is a beautiful and graceful dress that makes women elegant and stunning look

India is very popular in manufacturing these traditional dresses which gives rich look to the women. These dresses are available in different colors and classy styles.

Bridal salwar kameez is a combination of long tunic which is known as kameez and loose trousers called as salwar which is tied around the waist which is worn along with the dupatta

Is a along piece of cloth worn in different unique styles along with salwar kameez. Bridal salwar kameez is exclusive which can only be visible with material like satin that makes overall appearance  glossy. One should be careful wearing jewelry during the wedding because it must be in harmony with the dress wearing.

While selecting the salwar kameez , there are several things that have to be noted down. First it is the fabric of the designer piece that needs to be checked.  crepe or semi-crepe are the most liked ones for their sheer glossy look and softness. Even, the embroidery work done on this piece looks stylish and sets without any hassles. Moreover, the material should be  suits the body tones of the bride as bridal salwar kameez is an art piece that is made only once.

Bridal anarkali salwar kameez are also available in the market. Anarkali style of this dress is popular among the film stars and usually worn by celebrities became very famous in fashion trend and these are perfect party wears and look elegant on any one who wears it. These dresses look smart for causal parties and also for wedding ceremonies. The Salwar is a baggy pajama trouser, which is designed with legs wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The Kameez is a long top which reaches up to the knees. The length of the Kameez will change depending on the fashion in style. The Salwar is stitched differently. It has pleats at the waist and is held up by a drawstring. The middle part of a Salwar is wide but it gradually tapers down around the ankle. Another style of Salwar is the Churidar style which is a skin tight trouser, with its fabric ending in small folds around the ankles. Generally Indian women also wear a dupatta across their shoulders, over the Salwar or Churidar Kameez for traditional look.

When it comes to the color red, maroon and gold are awesome for wedding. And green is best suitable for pre wedding parties. The front part of kameez is decorated with different styles and designs with embroidery.





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