Banarasi Saree

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Banaras sarees

Banaras sarees are usually made in Varanasi and it is also known as Banaras and these sarees are the finest sarees among all the sarees in India which are well known for the gold and silver brocade and these sarees are made up of fine quality of silk and are decorated in intricate design.

Depending upon various designs and patterns to complete a sari it will take 15 days to one month and sometimes it may take six months to make a sari. These sarees are mostly worn by Indian women for important occasions for weddings, parties etc.

These sarees gives rich and heavy look to the women these are the part of Indian bride’s trousseau.

The fame and recognition of these sarees in India reached its pinnacle during the Mughal period

The silk is used to make Indian Banaras sarees is being sourced from the southern parts of India mainly from the Bangalore city.

There are four varities are present in Banaras silk pattern such as Pure Silk Sarees (Katan)

Organza Sarees (Kara), with Zari and Silk Georgette Saree, Shattir Sarees

It is one of the richest weaving craft in India famous for brocade sarees and all over dress

Material and it has exclusive varieties of the saris are Jangla, Tanchoi, Vaskat, Cutwork, Tishu, and Butidar which are made of silk warp and silk weft, on plain/satin ground base, brocaded with extra weft patterns in different layouts introducing Buties, Bells, creepers, Buttas in ground, border and Anchal for getting glamour’s appearance.

These sarees comprises of around some where 5600 thread wires and which are 45 inch wide.

Its base is woven on power loom and the wrap is weaved by the craftsman and it is around 24 to 26 meters long. One of the important aspects in weaving this sarees in this team work is involved and three people are involved in creation of this sarees in that one will weaves the saree and the second one will engaged in revolving ring.

For creating design boards the first thing that comprises the sketching the design on graph paper

A single design requires hundreds of perforated cards for the implementation of the idea.

Now a day’s embroidery work is also done on these sarees for the rich and fabulous look to the sarees which attracts women and lot of design work is done on the sarees and there are lot of cottage industries are available in Varanasi and about 1.2 million workers were produce these sarees.

Some of these sarees are most expensive in India because these sarees requires fine silk, expensive zari thread and multiple silk weavers and these sarees requires heavy and fine gauge silk yarns are woven intricately as wrap and weft along with gold and silk threads.

Silk weaving is the popular manufacture industry in Varanasi and this will be done in typically

House hold and most of the weavers in Varanasi is Mom in ansari Muslim Varanasi is known for best and fine silk Banaras sarees.