Half and Half Sarees

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Half saree is the traditional dress worn mainly in southindia by the young girls between puberty and marriage, it is also known as the two-piece saree.

It comprises a skirt which is tied around the waist which facilitates the transition from the childhood. At a glance it is the outfit can look similar to southern styles of Saree because the drape travels in same direction tucked in to the front of the skirt in recent years half saree is gaining popularity among girls and young women as occasional wear which is due to attention in media and fabric.

In Telugu it is considered as langavoni and in Tamil it is considered as pattu Pavadai. It has great significance in southindia coming age ceremony is celebrated when girl reach to a particular age. The girl wears a south Asian female garment which consists of drape varying from five to nine yards in length.

In India it fills a practical role as well as a decorative one. Now-a-days there are different types of patterns are available in the market. These are the long strips of unstitched cloth that are worn by women’s. These ranges from four to nine yards these are the exclusive collections for all weddings and occasions.

Langavoni is the occasional Indian grab and used for the latest fashions. It reflects variety of designs of different regions and the artisans blend these designs together with traditional thus bringing the touch of creativity.

Collection of half saris is blend of traditional look in westernized way which is designed for youngsters in a wide range these are perfect blend of designs and unique patterns. Fusion of various types of fabrics for a single half saree set stands as a special collection for the exclusive designs manufactured for traditional and ethnic looks. Manufacturers keeping in mind for the needs of today’s younger generation, these are available in various designs and unique pattern and designed in a combination of different fabrics.

Langavoni gives a rich look for girls to give a right choice for any party or function which gives the aura of freshness.

These are become famous as an Indian dress in the states like Andhrapradesh, Karnataka Tamilnadu, Maharastra etc. Generally Hindus show more interest to

Wear this dress. Now-a-days manufacturer making these dresses with no of varieties like with the content of gold and silver thread and they are making this dress with net they are decorating this dress with pearls, kundans and this usually weigh about 400 to 600 grams.

These dresses exbhits the range of rich colors with golden threads. It acquires almost a legendary look for the young girls.

It gives decent look and allows more mobility than other sarees and film stars shows much interest to wear these dress and which gives awesome look for them.

These saree will take one week to 15 days for making and sometimes it may take six months.

Now a day’s foreign people also showing interest to wear these dresses



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