Traditional Sarees


Wearing a traditional Indian Saree enhances the persona and style of a woman. This extremely versatile dress is ideal for any occasion; let it be a formal function or a casual gathering. The traditional sari ranges from 5 to 9 meters in length and can be draped in a variety of ways.

Indian women are considered among of the most beautiful women in the world. They have an inbuilt beauty and poise that marks them different from everyone else. It is their graceful and charming persona that is enhanced by the sensuous yet simple traditional sarees.


Types of traditional sarees in India

 India is a land of diversities and so is its saris. It varies with the varying culture and geography.  Although there are over a hundred varieties of traditional sarees in India, but some of the most famous are:

  • From Madhya Pradesh we have the Chanderi, Maheshwari and Dokra silk.
  • The traditional saree from Chattisgarh is Kosa silk.
  • Monga silk and Mekhla cotton from Assam.
  • Various cotton and silk sarees are traditional to Bengal as well, such as Tant, Shantipuri, Kantha and Batic.
  • Odisha brings us the silk and cotton sarees such as Bomkai and Tanta.
  • The Mainipuri tant traditionally belongs to Manipur.
  • The 9 yard wonder saree of Maharashtra called Paithani.
  • Bhandhani of Gujrat and kota doria of Rajasthan.
  • The Mysore and Molakalmuru of Karnataka.
  • The Banarasi and Tanchoi of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Mangalgiri and Uppada silk sarees from Andhra Pradesh.


Going traditional:  Designer Saree online

All of these traditional sarees were once the attire worn by mostly the sovereigns, but now-a-days they are available to anyone who can afford them. The Nallu sarees has made an endeavor to add the elegance of all these traditional drapes to the life of every lady in the most affordable prices.

 They have an exclusive range of sarees for every occasion from navratri to diwali to karva chauth. They also have a whole new selection of exclusive bridal saree. Although, they specialize in a whole range of ethnic wear but they have achieved a super specialty in traditional sarees. They cater for women from all economic background and occasions, as every woman is born with the right to look beautiful.

They ensure that their products are of finest quality brought to you on your doorsteps from the best handloom in the country. They take pride in their craftsmen ship which makes them a popular choice for celebrity dressing.

Traditional sarees are now not just popular in India alone but, among all types of generations and all around the world. The Sarees gained its popularity mainly because of its beauty and elegance. It’s hard to ignore the perfect combination of the gorgeous Indian women in a den more breathtaking traditional saree that makes it the perfect traditional choice of attire.

So drape yourself in the traditional colors of India and trust only the best to do it for you!!!



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