How to place Order?

Choose a product that you like from our collection. You can click on the product and take a look on product and image. To have a detail look of the product, Click on add to cart, if you would wish to see more products. Click Buy Now you will be redirected to Check Out page. Fill in your details and Confirm payment. Once your payment is successful, you would receive your Order No. delay we will notify via email/ call

Track My Order?

Please login to your account. Under the Order Details tab in your account, you could choose to track all orders that are under process. You can track your order here

How to place an order on Phone?

Yes, we accept orders on phone. Please call now on one of these numbers to place an order. (2265204050/2265204060)

Product is No more available, How to order?

As our products are very fast moving, there are possibilities, the product is sold out. Please email us with the product code or the specifications of the product, like the color/ cost etc. We shall try locating the product for you.

How to Change a product in an order that have already placed?

It would not be possible to change products in orders, We recommend that you place a new order.

How to cancel your order after it has been placed?

Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order. It would not be possible to cancel products after they have put to processing. You can cancel the order by following this link

How to Place Order Using Bank Transfer?

Yes, you can use bank transfer by a transfer to send us payment for your order. Kindly send us payment copy.On receiving the payment, we would generate the order and you would receive an email with invoice & order confirmation.

How to use an offer/Voucher, after the order has been placed?

We cannot extend an offer/ voucher after an order has been placed.

How to login in your account?

On the top Right Hand corner of our website, you would find an option to Login/ Sign up. Please click on this link and login using your registered email address and password.

If you do not wish to sign up, how could you still place an order?

Yes, you could go ahead and place an order as a Guest. It is not mandatory to register with us to place an order.

I have forgotten my password, Can you help?

Please click on Forgot Password link in the Sign up/ Login Window, in the right hand side top corner of the website. You would receive an automated email with the password.

If you don’t like the product you received, How to return product?

We would be able to accept returns for all eligible products. Please check the Return Policy, to understand if the product that you ordered is eligible for return.

If you received product last Month, Can you return it now?

We accept returns within 7 days of delivery. Please check our Return Policy.

If you want to return the product, Where to send the product?

Please fill in the Return Authorization form by logging in to your account. Upon Successful completion of the form, you would receive the return warehouse address. We would not refund the shipping charges, that you spent to send back the item to the return warehouses.

How would you issue a refund, after you receive the return?

Refund would be made using the same mode, through which the initial payment was made for the order. For orders made using bank transfer as mode of payment, Only Gift Vouchers would be issued in lieu of the product returned.

Will we refund shipping charges that you spent to send back the item?

We would not refund the shipping charges, that you spent to send back the item to the return warehouses.

If you got a gift voucher, for returned product. How do I use this?

Please paste the voucher code in the order form. Use it in the same e store from where it was issued. Do not leave any spaces or include any space before or after the code. Check the expiry date of the code before you use it.

How would you issue a refund, after you receive the return?

Refund would be made using the same mode, through which the initial payment was made for the order. For orders made using bank transfer as mode of payment, Only Gift Vouchers would be issued in lieu of the product returned.

If you would like to add customization to our order, How Can you do that now?

If the product is not yet dispatched from our end, we can have that done. Please email us your order number along with product code, with request to add customization. We shall get back to you with the possibilities of the same.

Do we stitch products to sizes?

Yes, we stitch all products with your given measurement.

If you want to change our measurements that you originally submitted, Can you change them now?

Changes can be made depending on where the product is. Once the product reaches the manufacturing units, it would not be possible to change the measurements.

How to submit measurements, if you choose stitching?

You would receive a measurement form by email, as soon as you place an order. Please submit your measurements using the same link.

Can we stitch a standard size? If you do not know how to take measurements

Yes, we can stitch products to standard sizes. Please give us your standard garment size and we can have the product stitched accordingly.

Can you submit sizes through email or phone?

We would always recommend you to use the link to submit your sizes, as they are saved in our system. You do not have to undergo the hassle of remembering your sizes, the next time you place an order.

What is a readymade stitched saree?

A saree that’s pre stitched with pleats and pallu, based on your height and waist is called a readymade stitched saree. You do not have to undergo the hassle of making the pleats every time; you want to drape a saree. All you have to do is wrap it around like a skirt!

When should you submit measurements, once you have placed an order?

We recommend that you submit your measurements within 24 hours of placing your order. Your order may get delayed, if the measurements do not reach us within 24 hours.

Where do you choose the size for a product?

If it’s a readymade product, you would find the drop down of sizes, in the product details page. For all other customizable products, you could choose to receive them as unstitched or choose stitching options in the same page.

What are the different payment modes that you could choose to place an order?

We accept payments through all major Credit/ debit cards, PayPal and Bank transfer.

How secure is your payment and the card details?

Our Payment gateways adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit card details, are well protected. The payment gateways are integrated with risk management component, which empowers them with the ability to control risk effectively adopting risk Management Queries, thereby making your transactions safe and confidential.

Can you pay by Wire transfer?

Yes, you could pay by wire transfer. Choose Pay by Bank Transfer, in the last step of order placing. You would receive an email with all the required details to do the transfer.

If you have been charged twice, for a single order that you placed with us.

Sometimes, due to technical issues, there are possibilities, that your card has been charged twice for a single transaction. Please email us with the order tracking number, the amount and the date of duplicate charge. We shall get back to you with a feasible solution.

Your card has been declined, what do I do next?

Please check if you have given the right card information. Please check if your card has adequate credit balance. Please check if your banks are holding the transaction from their end. Speak to your banks and they would give you a detailed picture for the decline. If you are using your card first time for online transactions, Please speak to your banks and have them authorize the transaction.

If you have a gift voucher with you, how should you use the same?

Please input the Gift voucher in the order form, while placing the order

Can you pay for an order, after you have received the product?

Right now, we do not have an option to collect payment after the order is placed. All orders are confirmed, only on receiving the payment successfully

Can you use 2 vouchers in the same order?

It would not be possible to use 2 vouchers in a single order.

If you forgot to use a gift voucher, while placing the order. Can you use it now?

It would not be possible to use vouchers after an order is placed, you could use the voucher in your next order.

Do we ship your products to all countries?

Yes, we ship our products to all countries, globally.

What are our shipping charges for deliveries inside India?

There are no shipping charges for deliveries inside India.

What do we mean by Custom duty Charges?

Custom duty is a kind of indirect tax which is levied on the import and export of goods of international trade. Duties levied by the government in relation to imported items are referred to as import duty. The custom duty charges are decided, solely by the local government of the receiver. The weight of the package, the value and the dimensions or other criteria, play a role in determining the custom duty/ local taxes/ VAT on the package.

Why should you pay the custom duties?

Custom duty charges/ VAT/ Import duty, are solely under the discretion of the local governments and as a seller, we have no control over the same. Your country’s Import Rules and regulations play a vital role in determining the Custom duties/ VAT/ Import duties etc.

Do the shipping charges vary from country to country?

The shipping charges will be mentioned during checkout after you have entered address and will be based on total weight of the order.

Is the shipping charge calculated on weight of the package?

The shipping charges are calculated on the number of products in your order. You can view the shipping cost in the link below. Shipping Charges Calculator

Would we be able to ship your products in different packages?

Such decisions are made, based on the order placed. Please email us with your order tracking number and the request. We shall get back to you based on the order that’s placed.

If you have already paid shipping charges, why would you pay custom duty or VAT?

The shipping charges that we collect is the freight charges that we collect for shipping the product from India to your country, through reputed couriers. The custom duties/ VAT are not part of the shipping charges that we collect and is usually decided only by your local government.

What are the couriers you use to ship the products?

We use reputed couriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramexto deliver your shipments safely and timely to you.Based on the destination of delivery.