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One of the most commonly wore traditional attire by all women in India is the saree. Sarees are immensely popular amongst all age groups. There has also been immense fashion expertise involved in making sarees look traditional as well as modern in their own way. If you are looking to buy sarees online, your search ends with us.

On our website, you will be able to find sarees of different kinds and that too at good and reasonable prices. We also provide for offers, discounts throughout the year on the merchandise present on our website. Below provided are a few must have sarees from around the country that every woman should make part of her wardrobe.

6 traditional sarees every woman should own

  • Banarasisaree: Banarasisarees have intricate embroidery and zari work done on them. They are made out of woven silk and are heavy due to the amount of work that is done on the sarees.
  • Bandhanisaree: Bhandhanisarees are made out of tie and dye techniques, and are famous for having vibrant colours and interesting designs. These sarees originate from the Kutch and the state of Rajasthan.
  • Paithanisaree: Known for their embellished designs and intricate pallus, Paithanisarees hail from the land of Maharashtra. These sarees also showcase picturesque scenes from the Maharashtriyan history.
  • Kanjeevaramsaree: Made from pure mulberry silk thread, Kanjeevaramsarees hail from the land of Tamil Nadu. The border and the body of the saree are woven separately and the. Interwoven together.
  • Kanthasaree: Popular choice for a saree in West Bengal, the saree are made of easy to wear fabric as well as are rich in their thread work.
  • Chanderisaree: Chanderisarees are made in Madhya Pradesh and are hand woven fabric which is later mixed with zari work.

The above are top picks for traditional sarees that every woman should own. On our website however, we also offer varities of sarees even other than the ones mentioned above. Therefore, if you are planning to buy sarees online, you can do so from our website at reasonable prices.


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