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Designer sarees are both beatiful as well as a status symbol. Wearing a brand considered of high value can make people give you respect as to your choices as well as place you high on the standard of the society. However, many of such designer sarees come at mind boggling costs. Therefore, if you are looking to buy Party Wear Sarees Online we make for the right choice as we also have sales on such sarees.

There are many desginers in India, whose name is enough to know how much a saree will most probably be worth. However, that should not worry you anymore as you can shop with us online where we even offer such sarees on sale.

The top designer saree brands in India are

  • Gaurang: Gaurang is the most popular saree fashion designer in India. He is best know for featuring textured fabrics in his work and his inspiration is usually taken from nature and it’s patterns.
  • Anita Dongre: Anita Dongre is aaworld widefavourite when it comes to sarees. Her sarees have a look of modernity attached to them and have been inspired from the Rajasthan’s archaic grandeur.
  • Satya Paul: Satya Paul is also a designer know specially for ethnic wear. Her saree collection is timeless and is designed over silk and blended with such colours that will make the saree stand out.
  • Ritu Kumar: Ritu Kumar is another big name in the fashion industry. Her sarees are inspired from ancient designs and traditional crafts, which she merges together to make something beautiful and elegant.
  • TarunTahilliani: TarunTahilliani is a designer held in high regard across the world. His sarees are a combination of traditional aesthetics with contemporary modern designs.
  • Sabyasachi: Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a name that everyone has heard. His sarees sell for thousands of dollars and are inspired by the saree making arts prevelant in West Bengal.

As mentioned above, designer branded sarees are given a different type of respect in any given event. However, if you are planning on getting them, get it through us as we offer great sales on the very same items.


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